One of the questions which arises, is why would someone want to purchase a dog under breeder's terms......

This way there is constant guidance for the newcomer into the real breeding world... such as the correct lines to combine and what pitfalls to look out for besides assistance with the raising of the pups to cultivate them into outgoing courageous adults. There are years and years of advice from medical to training problems can be tapped by this joint venture. One of the main reasons for most parties who purchase under breeder's terms is that they do not have to come up with the total purchase price in cash PLUS they are getting an adult dog which can be bred sooner than starting with a puppy because usually the cash required for an adult is equal to or less than that of a puppy. This way you can earn your down payment monies back quicker.

The following items need to be mutually agreed upon in order
to enter into a purchase under Breeder's Terms:

How much cash is comfortable for you to put down as the initial deposit?
Understand that it depends on how large the down payment is plus the other responsibilities you undertake will determine how the puppies are divided. Acquiring a female on breeder's terms does NOT mean that you just take a dog for free and maybe sometime down the road you will think about having a litter. Instead it is a commitment to perform certain tasks within your abilities within a certain period of time.
Who will be paying for the ordinary daily upkeep, feed, annual vaccinations, heartworm prevention, etc?
Who will be paying for any emergency care required not related to a pregnancy?
What happens in the event the party responsible for the care does not fulfill their obligation?
Who will be paying for the stud?
Who will be responsible for the cost of shipping of the bitch to and from the stud?
There must be mutual approval of the stud otherwise applying for a litter registration is not an obligation.
Who will be responsible for any and all emergency care of the mother during her pregnancy?
Who will be responsible for the pups up to time of delivery to us?
Who will be responsible for the all the costs of shipping of the pups?
How will the puppies of the litter be split?
What happens if there are an uneven number of pups?
Is there a buy out clause on the puppies?
Who will be responsible for the expense of obtaining the worming medicine and vaccinations, and who will be
responsible for administering the medications?
Who will be whelping the litter?
What happens in the event the responsible party can not perform?
What happens if the party in possession can not keep the dog any longer?
What happens if the party in possession moves out of state?                   What happens if either party does not fulfill their obligations?
How much monies will the party in possession of the dog give for the breeder's terms agreement?
After what period of time do we receive the dog back if the party in possession does not cooperate for the female dog to be bred?
What are the projected times that said female will be bred?
If the female is shown in conformation, whose expense will this be?
Who will pay for the DNAs of the puppies and studs if they are required?
Who is paying for the AKC litter registration fees?

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