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European Imported Studs


GOLD-ADMIRAL BRADKING: From Europe with a pedigree of excellent working female dogs besides tough male dogs. It is claimed that 70% of what an offspring is comes from the mother of the litter, not the father. "Rico" as we call him, is full of super high spirits to work with a drive that is non-stoppable.  Rico would be one absolutely fabulous detection dog beyond a shadow of doubt.   This dog is absolutely nuts for the ball and would dig a hole to China to get it. Do not put the ball under your shoe because he will scratch so hard to get at it that he will tear your shoe up. Serious. Yet this dog can be very calm and lay down when in the house.  Rico is a very social dog but yet has a good head and know when it is time to go into action yet is a very bonding dog that wants to be with his master every step of the way.  His foreign papers have already been converted to AKC and he has been micro-chipped besides being tattooed.  Available in the  Lehigh Acres area.




Quintus Arrius V Katzenblut (Arry).

Arry is the offspring of Vada and Arrow. Vada is the offspring of Madchen and Hardy Sch titled German import. Madchen is a daughter of our robust muscular black and red ZVV titled Czeck Republic import, Brik, bred to a female from the Kirschental lines; well known for their sheep herding abilities and athletic performance enabling them to have longevity in their lines.  Madchen is a Brik daughter which she has a very large tall physique with outstanding personality, confidence making her the first dog in Lee County to be accepted by the Lee County School system to assist impaired children as part of their curriculum and has appeared on television interviews for her assistance with children. 

Arrow who is the offspring of two dogs we imported from  Europe: Ara Von Grafschloss and Cezar Len-Pol which is serving in Iraq at this time.




SARGE  Available in St. Pete area.

UCD Katzenblut's Denali Sarge CD, RE (Rally Excellent title) , WWKC and UKC, CGC,WWCD,WWRN, also he is certified as a therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International (TDI), both of his parents are police service dogs.  Sarge’s father is a large black and red/orange European  imported male who has been on a sheriff's dept. as a certified police dog in apprehension and narcotics plus Sarge’s mother, Cop-Pear, was also on a sheriff’s department.  Cop-Pear is from European lines, being the famous Robby vom Glockeneck combined with several DDR lines. The father, Duo Dombi Botond, (nick named "Bo") is from Zamb vd Wienerau SchH 3 "a", a Odin v. Tannesnmeise SchH 3 FH son, plus Fedor von Arminius Sch H3, Sieger Quando von Arminius SchH3 Fh IP3 VA1, Uran v Wildsteiger Land SchH3 KKL 1a. Proven Stud.






Duke has stout bone with natural protection drive stationed upon a robust muscular compact body. Sufficient energy to play but not the crazy off the wall for police work.  He has been started in formal obedience and house training. He would make a super personal protection for the family and easy enough around the children. He has the brains to know when to accept a stranger.  Peggy, the mother is a darker brown sable  of European lines with some of the old good strong working lines: Robby v Glockeneck SchH III, FH, IPO III; Greif Z Pohranicin Straze, CS, ZVV2; SGR Axel v d Hainsterbach, SchH III; VA Jupp v d Haller Farm, SchH III; INT. SSGR Boss v Amalienhof SchH III, FH; SGR & WSGR Marko v Cellerland SchH III, FH, and plenty more.  Peggy was bred to our Cello, who is also a Visum v Arminius grandson on his father's side plus our Cello is line bred on V1 Cello von der Romerau SchH III, FH, KKL 1a on his mother's side. Duke is heavy boned rich pigmented good driven stocky dog but very calm for family house dog. Duke is dark brown sable even though you see the pictures he looks like a very dark black and brown but he has the lighter undercoat that makes him a sable. 




Now available in Ruskin, FL

European Import Jaro, which comes from well known lines such as Weinerau, Arminius and  Wildsteiger Land. Jaro is a dog that knows when to get down to business.  He is one working machine that adjusts immediately to the environment wherever he is at and knows how to sense when there is danger. Proven to produce, even temperament's and  great body structure.






Our new imported male “Zorro” or Xirioto vom Eichbaum. Zorro is a large dark impressive black and red male that has the stand out attitude that will make a person want to take a second look. His papers have already been converted and he is a proven breeder. This is a dog that a person has to take serious when working and a laid back family member when at home. One of his offspring has just taken an Advance Rally Title.




ARROW’s parents are Ara and Cezar Utty.

Available for stud in the Sarasota, FL  area.

ARA VON GRAFSCHLOSS, the mother of this litter is a direct European Import. Her pedigree is like walking into history with the well known lines of Kirschental, Arminius, Batu and Wienerau just to name a few.  Ara has a very large bone structure, so much so that most people mistake her for a male. I mean extremely large to be to the point that the word large does not express the true size. HUGE is more like it. 

 Cezar Utty is presently serving in Iraq guarding the Palace and Ambassador Bremmer. See the pictures him on the sand bags with machine guns etc. and of the dogs landing at the airport there. Utty is highly trained in personal protection imported from Czech Republic. He has very hard core OB training and is  a VERY tough dog when needed to be. Raised with a eight year old child inside the house. Recall from long distances with one word commands. He loves to ride in the car and naturally protective of the car. This is definately a well rounded dog to go with his naturally masculine body.