The European imported dogs are suitable for K-9 work on a police dept. Unless informed differently, the dogs are performing the following tasks: full down fields under gun fire with stick hits, whip snapping, dog biting the left arm while decoy is discharging gunfire in the right hand. They have strong ball drive and hunt for detection work, yet are very tolerant of the public petting them, to super friendly to do school demos. They have been worked with some automatics: yelling/screaming, stick hit, whip snapping, gunfire, ultra fast movement by another party, as automatic stimulations. All of the personal protection or patrol type dogs are started with civil work because I do not want equipment oriented dogs... they must work equally well when there is no equipment on site as well as when the equipment is at their feet, and they must stand over it and go for the person who has no equipment. They will "turn off" so you can walk them to the decoy without cheap shots. Besides the bite work training, they have been working metal lockers to indicate when the item they are searching for is locked inside, and they have high active alert with strong scratch.  Normally we do not bring in single purpose dogs, such as only detection without any patrol abilities.  The dogs we bring in for Search and Rescue work have the confidence to do patrol work but have only been introduced and/or tested for patrol.  In summary: The dogs are social but civil when the situation arises. They are doing down field, targeting for the sleeve (true man work, not equipment oriented), biting the decoy while he is firing 38s. The price includes all vaccinations, x-rays from Europe (if we have them), and the certificates and health papers to get on the airplane. Purchaser pays shipping and crate.



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The male dogs are listed first, so if you want to skip the male dogs and go directly to FEMALE SHEPHERDS

The following would make personal protection or family dogs besides conformation show dogs. Please check with the office as to the status of the dogs that are arriving from Europe.  They could already be here.


More pictures are available of the dogs working.

Contact the office to receive them.



Parents: Peanut and Bruiser

Born: February 29, 2008 

"Tonka" is ready to go to work for a family in whatever he is educated about.  Being totally house raised with a 3 year child he understands when to be easy and when he can "horse play" around with adults.  He is still a puppy so would need monitoring but has an excellent start with the house breaking and obedience.

Peanut is the daughter of Katzenblut’s Silver Piranha & Dax Vom Zwinger Am Sindelbach. Piranha’s father is of all European lines including hard working lines from the Netherlands plus Ty himself is working on a police dept. This black/tan/silver sable female can definitely protect if someone does not heed to her warning yet she is social.  Has a high drive with her strong will besides the fabulous prey drive.  Piranha was bred with Dax which is a dark red sable that comes from European lines and is in training for SCH titling.

Peanut was bred to Bruiser a dark bi color male that comes from true working lines. Bruiser is the offspring of Divot and Jarod. The mother, Divot, is an extremely dark bi-color, very muscular 93 pound female with the size of a male in big structure, not just weight, that most people think she is a male from her large structure.  Both of Divot's parents are European and titled; in fact her father is still in Germany.  Divot is an extremely strong working dog with great affection, very social but yet is protective when she needs to be. Divot is one of the most versatile dogs you can meet who can take on several tasks. Divot was bred to our all black European import named Jarod, who also is all working lines from Europe.  These parents have produced very hard core working offspring. The combination of these two dogs produced a very mentally well balanced dog with excellent temperament and versatile in his ability to learn. 




JACOB is Tonka brother and has the higher energy level that we have come to find from these working lines. He has basic obedience and is naturally protective. House raised with children. No cats.




Shadow  8-20-05

is a brilliantly colored dark black and red male that comes from very well know working lines. His lines consist of Jeck vom Noricum, Xita vom Kirschental (SchH III, HGH, FH, IPO III), Mark vom Haus Beck, Fedor Arminius, Quando Arminius,  line bred on VA Cello von der Romerau, Fedor von Arminius, Cito vom Kirschental, line bred on Quana von Arminius, Uran vom Wildsteiger Land, etc Again we have a world renowned pedigree from both Germany (Fanto, Jeck, Noriswand) and Czek Republic (Pohranicnej straze, Dux, Zito, ).


He has the correct temperament and attitude for a family but will also get out there and work. He can be protective of his area and a loving companion.




Ronan 6-13-08

This large male has a great temperament and has been crate and house trained. He is a darker black and tan that is of a calmer nature (not the high drive type) and would rather just be cuddling with someone than to be running crazy in the yard.  A really calm dog but  protective of his area with strangers but can be very accepting of the stranger once he knows you want him to accept the person.  He likes female dogs to pal around with. He has basic on the leash obedience.









Born: 1-13-08


This great representative of what a German Shepherd dog should be, is a true working dog while being a social family protective companion. His European working bloodlines are  displayed through his enormous energy and the mental desire to work all day with little breaks. He is trained to scale the A Frame, catwalk, work rubble pile, run through tunnels, do window jumps, broad jumps, climb construction metal ladders, work on unsteady surfaces, does air scenting and tracking plus a ton of more things.

Panza would just about do anything for his ball as a reward.  He prefers his ball over food. Panza has been raised since he was a puppy to be a search and rescue dog for a fire dept but unfortunately finances and a move to out of state is causing the dog to be available. Do not underestimate this dog, just because he can be social does not mean that he is not very protective. He has not been taught to do the bite work but his protection is up front and forward without any hesitation. There is no doubt he would learn it very quickly.


For the family, Panza is perfect in the house, even great with other male dogs and needless to say, excellent with children. He is the type of dog that loves to please but doesn’t have to have constant attention.  This dog is one heck of package.












Opportunity is knocking: will sell some females on breeder's terms.

Click this link to find out more what is meant by "breeder's terms".

Also available pregnant females.










Zela… daughter of Brittany and Luke

Born 4-20-03

Zela has had obedience training along with personal protection training. She is a high energy female that will go go go and yet be totally calm in the house. Zela has been trained in all German commands. She knew all basic obedience commands on leash & would come, sit & down off leash. She would work a tug under distraction while on the leash or on a line. She is a VERY serious worker and definitely for real would bite, this is not only a play game to her.  She knows when she is turned off to be very social and loving to the stranger.  She also knew the ATTS temperament test routine. Zela was house raised with other dogs and crate trained to sleep at night because all the dogs could not be let loose in the house at night and is ok with cats under supervision. Zela is not a soft dog and will try to be the leader of the other dogs.





























PLUS MORE TO CONSIDER:  All of these I would consider selling on breeder's terms. Yes, there is a down payment required when purchasing a dog on breeder's terms plus a commitment to perform certain obligations in the future.

Let me explain what is included with the purchase of the dog: the cost of the conversion of the foreign pedigree to AKC, plus that includes all shots, wormings, AVID microchip, health certificate issued in USA, special paperwork from vet to get on the airplane and delivery to the airport. You must be careful when getting a dog because some people add on for all these other things. The registry in Europe charges to get their pedigree transferred and to issue the certificate of new ownership. Plus AKC has a special form to complete and charge to convert the papers to their organization. All of these charges are included and the work is done for you. There are a lot of breeders that give you the foreign pedigree and then the new owner does not understand the system how to get the dogs converted and the dogs do not end up with AKC papers. The other breeders just leave it up to you to try to figure it out how to get the paperwork you need and to do the conversions. All dogs are or can be AKC registered unless noted European papers only. We find it easier to provide all of this with the purchase of the dog. In addition to the expense of the dog, the only expense you would have would be the shipping cost charged by the airlines and the expense of the crate.


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